• Uniformed Officers

  • Plain clothes Officers

  • Vehicle Patrol 

  • Preventive Patrol

  • Business Security

  • Armed or Unarmed Officers

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Where do you put your trust?

Nothing matters more than keeping you, your family, your business and your livelihood protected. That's a large responsibility.


Are you ever safe enough?


No one ever expects bad things to happen to them - it always happens to the other guy. Except when it doesn't.

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Home or Business Alarm Response

Tired of getting warning letters or fines from your city or county for dispatching the Police to a false alarm? Contact us today and ask about our new service. 

Available Services

  • Fire watch patrol
  • Executive/VIP Protection
  • Cash management Security
  • Place of worship Security
  • High risk Security
  • Club/Venue Security 

A professional and experienced company is the best choice

At ESP, we do everything needed to ensure the quality of protection you your business and your family receive is of the highest caliber.We assure you that you'll have peace of mind you made the right choice. With more than 15 years in the security business, we know what it takes to protect you and yours. 

Total Protection

Your assets are important - make sure they're protected by the professionals

  • Client staff safety training
  • Local law enforcement integration
  • Fire prevention and management solutions